We care a lot about our craft.

We know how to craft durable furniture that is functional to use. We do our craft with passion and always keep the user in mind.
Made in
We are a Belgian family business with a long history in building furniture.
We got your back!

We are ZET. We are a Belgian family business with a long history in building furniture. We manufacture durable, design chairs and tables for businesses. At ZET, we create with 4 standards in mind: comfort, durability, simplicity & functionality. Furniture must be reliable and pleasing, it’s a part of your identity.


Our expertise in production techniques and design thinking was obtained through 4 generations of experience in the field. Together with the fully equipped, efficient contemporary production unit in Belgium, this forms the foundation of our brand’s ambition. The aim is to bring people, nature and design together in high quality products.


We believe in long-lasting relationships, based on trust. After all, if you can’t trust the things you sit on, what else?
- ZET - team / Be Seated. We got your back!

A history of making

The history of familly business

ZET is a Belgian design brand finding its roots in the lap of De Zetel nv. Our company, originally founded in 1923 and internationally known for its innovative wooden furniture, is still led by the founding family.

ZET creates its own specific identity by focusing on the collaboration with ambitious designers and artists. Our specific visions, thoughts and stories result in a unique collection of contemporary furniture.

We have a well thought out process.

We know how to craft durable furniture. We never make shortcuts in our production.

By using high quality and strong materials, we build furniture that lasts.

By using the best materials we can provide the best chairs possible.
- David B. / Chairman of ZET
We care about design.
ZET is part of De Zetel.

De Zetel stands for craftsmanship varnished with a layer of innovation. Wooden tables and chairs, sanded to perfection and polished with year-long expertise.