Axel Enthoven

Axel Enthoven is a Belgian designer. He is known for his participation in the jury of the program ‘De bedenkers’. Enthoven and his company won several prices, including the Red Dot and IF.
Axel Enthoven
Axel Enthoven
Axel Enthoven

Since 1970, Axel Enthoven has worked as an independent designer, becoming visiting professor in 1972 at the Product Development Department of the National Higher Institute for Architecture and Urbanism in Antwerp (later the “Henri van de Velde Institute,” and now “Artesis-college”).

Enthoven Associates has performed industrial design activities in the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil and Mexico.

Since 1989, Axel Enthoven has been Professor and Head of the Department of “Man & Mobility” at the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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